Pappa Reale Restaurant

After a long day you really want to cuddle and pamper yourself try our restaurant, "Pappa Reale", you will be impressed by the many specialties with which our chefs will delight.

An amazing menu: smoked by excellent craftsmanship that can accompany mixed with bread, bread sticks and our homemade fresh pasta, to the more traditional preparations of Roman cuisine, or even tasting the new interpretations of lesser-known dishes, and for this, most appreciated .

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Our pride? Kobe beef type, the one in Rome, renowned for its organoleptic qualities due to the daily manual massage with beer, and Chianina genetics certified and still angus Argentina.

Finally, the traditional pizza we baked in wood-label with 48 hours of proofing, unproven.

To close a tasty lunch or a delicious dinner a list of winning homemade pastries served with refined dessert wines that our winery has chosen for you.

We will know how to please your every request is that you're dining for business or you're dining in good company, fresh air under a porch or inside, where it is at your disposal a dedicated area for smokers under the law.





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